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Issue 114-4 Dic 2018

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Plant Production
Use of selenium in crop production. Review
A.M. Garduño‑Zepeda y C. Márquez‑Quiroz

Potential of oregano and cachanilla extracts for the control of phytopathogenic fungi in tomato fruits
G. Andrade‑Bustamante, L. Cervantes‑Díaz, C.E. Aíl‑Catzim, C.L. Del Toro‑Sánchez, J. Borboa‑Flores, P. Preciado‑Rangel, F.E. Martínez‑Ruiz y E. Rueda‑Puente

Animal Production
Effect of faba bean silage in dairy cow diets on voluntary intake, milk production and composition of milk
S. Baizán, F. Vicente, N. Barhoumi, I. Feito, L. Rodríguez y A. Martínez‑Fernández

Development and evaluation of equation to predict live weight in crossbred heifers using hip width
S. Herrera‑López, R. García‑Herrera, A.J. Chay‑Canul, M. González‑Ronquillo, U. Macías‑Cruz, V.F. Díaz‑Echeverría, F. Casanova‑Lugo y A. Piñeiro‑Vázquez

Agricultural Economics
Viability of Spanish tomatoes exportation to the European Union
F.J. Pérez‑Mesa, J.C. Pérez‑Mesa y D.L. Valera‑Martínez

Financial evaluation of the feasibility of using desalinated water in the greenhouse agriculture of Campo de Níjar (Almería, Spain)
J.A Albaladejo‑García, J.M Martínez‑Paz y J. Colino



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