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Articles in Press

In this section, you will find articles, technical notes and bibliographic reviews that have been accepted for publication in the Journal ITEA-Información Técnica Económica Agraria, which have not yet been assigned to a specific volume. Articles in press are citable, providing they have a DOI associated ( There may be differences between the press version and the final one due to the correction and layout process. Ver Versión Española

Does the type of company influence sticky costs? An assessment of Spanish agricultural companies
A. Sabino Mirón‑Sanguino, Eva Crespo‑Cebada y Carlos Díaz‑Caro

Potential use of Near Infrared Spectroscopy for the Iberian dry‑cured lomito authentication according to the categories defined by the Spanish Iberian Quality Standard
Alberto Ortiz, Miriam Sánchez, Lucía León y David Tejerina

The equine chorionic gonadotropin (eCG) modifies testosterone levels, but not reproductive activity in Holstein bulls during winter
Rogelio A Ledezma‑Torres, Fernando Sánchez‑Dávila, Carlos Luna‑Palomera y José F Vázquez‑Armijo

The reused progesterone device in short-term protocols has the same effect on reproductive performance and progesterone profiles in Pelibuey ewes
Carlos Luna‑Palomera, Ulises Macías‑Cruz, Fernando Sánchez‑Dávila, Nadia Florencia Ojeda‑Robertos y Jorge Alonso Peralta‑Torres

Fina de Carballo variety: agronomic behaviour and suitability for boiling
Noemi Cobas, Luis Vázquez, José Carlos Barrio y Lucio García


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