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Articles in Press

In this section, you will find articles, technical notes and bibliographic reviews that have been accepted for publication in the Journal ITEA-Información Técnica Económica Agraria, which have not yet been assigned to a specific volume. Articles in press are citable, providing they have a DOI associated ( There may be differences between the press version and the final one due to the correction and layout process. Ver Versión Española

Novel indicators of DFD beef: oxidative stress, autophagy and apoptosis
A. Díaz‑Luis, F. Díaz, Y. Diñeiro, L. González‑Blanco, E. Arias, A. Coto‑Montes, M. Oliván y V. Sierra

Influence of liquid feeding with milk whey on "chorizo gallego" fatty acid profile
I. González‑Torres, P. González, N. Cobas, J.C. Barrio, L. Vázquez, L. Purriños, D. Franco, R. Domínguez y J.M. Lorenzo

Welfare and performance results in meat rabbits during their lactation and fattening. A review
M. López, C. Cervera y J.J. Pascual

Instrumental quality of suckling kid meat. A review
G. Ripoll, M.J. Alcalde y B. Panea

Hematological and biochemical parameters in feedlot heifers under heat stress: Effect of shade area and genotype
J.A. Aguilar‑Quiñonez, J.E. Guerra‑Liera, L. Avendaño‑Reyes, U. Macías‑Cruz, A. Correa‑Calderón, R. Barajas‑Cruz, M.A. Gastelum‑Delgado, M. Mellado y A. Vicente‑Pérez

Comparison of the conventional and robotic milking system for the parameters of composition and quality of milk, in grazing system
J.P. Avilez, P. Meyer y J.L. Meyer

Effect of sex and liquid feeding with potato on the pork lipid profile
I. González‑Torres, P. González, N. Cobas, J.C. Barrio, L. Vázquez, L. Purriños, D. Franco, R. Domínguez y J.M. Lorenzo

Sensory attributes of Bísaro pork loin, fed with and without chestnut, vs. commercial
S. Rodrigues, I. Oliveira, L. Vasconcelos, E. Pereira y A. Teixeira

Study of the inclusion of sweet potato in the diet of fattening pigs. Effect on the physicochemical quality of the meat
I. González‑Torres, P. González, N. Cobas, J.C. Barrio, L. Vázquez, R. Bermúdez, M. Pateiro y J.M. Lorenzo

Relationship between the weight at birth of piglets from hyperprolific sows and the productive and economic parameters in grow‑finisher pigs
S. Crespo y J. Gadea

Structrural tipyfication and profitability of sheep meat farms
L. Chekmam, M.T. Maza y L. Pardos

Condensed tannins of sainfoin and their effect on ruminal fermentation. Influence of phenological stage and preservation. A review
P.J. Rufino‑Moya, M. Blanco y M. Joy

Lamb meat quality from Magallanes region, Chile: Production strategies of differentiated lamb meats
R. Lira, R. Rodriguez, F. Sales, I. Subiabre y R. Morales

Changes in the lipid profile of subcutaneous fat according to the type of feed in Iberian pigs close to maintenance
A.I. Rey, P. Garre y A. Daza

Consumer assessment of biscuits made with mesquite flour (Prosopis spp.)
C.I. De la Cruz‑Silva, L. Salgado‑Beltrán y M.D.C. García‑Moraga

Socio‑economic impact of honey production and their structural characteristics in A Coruña (NW Spain)
M.A. Ferreira‑Golpe, A.I. García‑Arias, M.M. Pérez‑Fra e I. Vázquez‑González

Porous materials as viability support of Beauveria bassiana for the biocontrol of Sphenarium purpurascens in vitro
A. Rivera‑Tapia, L.J. Amaro‑Leal, M.A Valencia‑de Ita, C. Parraguirre‑Lezama, D.M. Sangerman‑Jarquín y O. Romero‑Arenas

Impact of taxes on the profitability of industrial forest plantations privately owned in Galicia (Spain)
S. Arenas‑Ruiz, L. Diaz‑Balteiro, R. Rodriguez‑Soalleiro

Production of suckling lambs of Segureña and Montesina breeds in the Region of Murcia. Influence of breed and season on carcass and meat quality
M.D. Barceló, L. Tejada, L. Almela y B. Peinado

Farmers? and agricultural technical advisors? knowledge and perceptions about regulated deficit irrigation techniques in SE Spain
D. Martínez‑Granados y J. Calatrava


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