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Issue 117-3 Jun 2021

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Plant Production
Antagonist microorganism: an alternative for the biological control of fungal diseases present in coffee crop (Coffea Arabica L.)
Nayelli Ayatzol Vidal‑Martínez, Rosalba Argumedo‑Delira, Jesús Ricardo Sánchez‑Pale, Roberto Gregorio Chiquito‑Contreras, Daniel González‑Mendoza y Gabriela Sánchez‑Viveros

Animal Production
Condensed tannins of sainfoin and their effect on ruminal fermentation. Influence of phenological stage and preservation. A review
Pablo José Rufino‑Moya, Mireia Blanco y Margalida Joy

Changes in the lipid profile of subcutaneous fat according to the type of feed in Iberian pigs close to maintenance
Ana I. Rey, Pablo Garre y Argimiro Daza

Production of suckling lambs of Segureña and Montesina breeds in the Region of Murcia. Influence of breed and season on carcass and meat quality
María Dolores Barceló, Luis Tejada, Laura Almela y Begoña Peinado

Agricultural Economics
Consumer acceptability of biscuits made with mesquite flour (Prosopis spp.)
C. Isamar De la Cruz‑Silva, Lizbeth Salgado‑Beltrán y M.D. Carmen García‑Moraga

Socio‑economic impact of honey production and their structural characteristics in A Coruña (NW Spain)
María Amparo Ferreira‑Golpe, Ana Isabel García‑Arias, María do Mar Pérez‑Fra e Ibán Vázquez‑González

Impact of taxes on the profitability of industrial forest plantations privately owned in Galicia (Spain)
Santos Arenas‑Ruiz, Luis Diaz‑Balteiro y Roque Rodriguez‑Soalleiro



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