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Issue 107-4 Dic 2011

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Animal Production
Food restriction in sheep: endocrine-metabolic response according to the level of body reserves
A. Fernández-Foren, J.A. Abecia, M.I. Vázquez, F. Forcada, I. Sartore, M. Carriquiry, A. Meikle y C. Sosa

Study of neosporosis in bulk tank and individual milk samples and their relationship with farm management and milk quality
C. Nogareda, R. Colomé, M. Navarro, R. Armengol y A. Jubert

Plant Production
Optimization of the organic fertilization through critical levels of phosphorus, potassium and organic matter in intensive orchards soils
R. Caballero, M. Vento, P. Chaveli, I. Corrales, P. López, D. Rodríguez y L. Fase

Efect of seed treatment with low potency laser on the growth and yield in tomato plants (Solanum lycopersicum L.)
A. Álvarez, R. Ramírez, L. Chávez, Y. Camejo, L. Licea, E. Porras y B. García

Commercial and industrial implication of the variability of oil and protein content and of the nut and kernel physical traits of almond in Mediterranean climates
O. Kodad, A. Mamouni, M. Lahlo y R. Socias i Company

Factors affecting shoot tip necrosis of Pistacia vera L. shoots cultured in vitro
E. García, P. Lorente, J.A. Marín, P. Andreu y A. Arbeloa



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