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Study of quality of pedigree from Assaf breed in Spain

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Authors: M.A. Jiménez y J.J. Jurado
Issue: 111-3 (247-258)
Topic: Animal Production
Keywords: Dairy sheep, assignment of parental relationship, DNA, herdbook

Data from the genetic evaluation of the Assaf breed in Spain corresponding to year 2013 have been used to analyze the quality of genealogical records and the program selection evolution with the addition of DNA techniques and assignment of relationships. Data of the date of birth, sex and known pedigree included in the historic data breed (335.302 animals registered) has been used as well as microsatellite data to test paternity assignments of original genealogical records. Finally, the results of genetic evaluation (BLUP methodology) from the value of 150 d standardized milk yield in three different situations have been analyzed (paternity from only Artificial Insemination rams, paternity from Artificial Insemination and DNA certified rams, and paternity from only DNA certified pedigree). The results showed an increase in the number of animals with known and DNA certified parents (over 90% of sires and around 50% of dams registered). When certified DNA genealogy was used a large number of animals have been evaluated and the reliability of estimated breeding values has increased. In this breed, the DNA assignment of parental relationship has led to obtain a more complete and reliable herdbook from a genetic point of view.

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