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Rural immigration and entrepreneurship: drivers of innovation in rural development policies

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Authors: J.R. Murua-Múgica y B. Eguía-Peña
Issue: 112-4 (438-457)
Topic: Agricultural Economics
Keywords: spatial demography, rural development, immigrant entrepreneurship

The twenty-first century begins with the breakdown of the migratory path, the Basque Country shall cease to be an exporting community population to become a host community. Both rural and urban areas take part in this trend. Focusing on rural areas, the analysis shows a significant contribution of immigrants to the increase of rural population, since almost a 30% of the growth in population in the period 2000-2012 can be attributed to them. It helps to make the population younger. However, it does not confirm the expected higher entrepreneurial propensity of the immigrants, instead it is observed that the survival rate of their establishments is significantly lower than the rate of native population.

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