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Effect of forage type and the inclusion of quebracho in the diet of lactating ewes on their performances

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Authors: S. Lobón, A. Sanz, M. Blanco y M. Joy
Issue: 113-4 (359-375)
Topic: Animal Production
Keywords: Grazing, condensed tannins, milk, carcass quality, suckling lamb

The effects of the type of forage and the inclusion of quebracho in the diet of lactating ewes on the performance of the ewes and their suckling lambs were assessed. Ewe‑lamb pairs (n=39) were assigned in 4 lots according to a factorial design 2x2, with two types of forage (Pasture vs. Hay) and two types of concentrates [commercial concentrate (Control) vs. concentrate with quebracho (QUE)]. The experimental period lasted from lambing until the lambs reached 10‑12 kg body weight. Regarding the type of forage, milk yield and protein content were greater in Pasture than in Hay ewes, with similar fat content. Pasture ewes presented greater plasma urea and total protein and lower non esterified fatty acids concentrations than Hay ewes. Pasture suckling lambs were heavier at slaughter than Hay lambs at the same age. The inclusion of quebracho in the ewe's concentrate did not affect the ewe performances or plasma metabolite concentrations, only reduced milk protein content by 4%. Lamb's body weight increased at third and four week of lactation with the inclusion of quebracho, tending to reach slaughter weight at a slightly younger age. In our work conditions, Pasture lactating ewes and their suckling lambs obtained better performance than Hay indoors ewes. The inclusion of quebracho did not show consistent effects.

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