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Nutrients absorption in peach

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Authors: L. Rincón, J. García-Brunton, J. Sáez
Issue: 100V-1 (5-17)
Topic: Plant Production
Keywords: Prunus persica, nutrients, concentration, accumulation, trickle irrigation, ciruelo pollizo, GF 677

Annual accumulation of nutrients in peach tree (Prunus persica (L.) Bach) cv "Caterina" grafted onto hybrid GF 677 and "pollizo" plum tree in a commercial plot were studied. The total biomass dropped were divided in leaves, fruits and pruning wood being all of them dried. The total dry matter, the nutrient concentration and the nutrient stored were determined. At the end of the growing cycle the total dry matter dropped in trees grafted onto GF677 was 14.1 t/ha divided in leaves 22.6%, fruits 50.2% and pruning wood 27.2% being the leaf area index 2.9%. The total dry matter dropped in trees grafted onto "pollizo" plum was 10 t/ha, in which the leaves contributed with 23.8%, the fruits 55% and the pruning wood 21.2%. In this case the leaf area index was 2.6%. The nutrient concentration in plant was higher in leaves for nitrogen, potassium, calcium and magnesium however, in fruits was phosphorous. The total amount of macronutrient stored in trees grafted on to GF677 were in kg/ha: N 166.3, P 17.5, K 183.8, Ca 169.8 and Mg 32.8. In trees grafted on to plum "pollizo" were in Kg/ha: N 110.3, P 13.8, K 154.3, Ca 131.7 and Mg 24.5. In both rootstocks the highest amount of N, P and K were accumulated in fruits Ca and Mg were accumulated in leaves.

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