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Borage seeds as a Gamma‑linolenic acid source. A review of seed production and harvesting process

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Authors: C. Montaner Otín, E. Floris Beamonte, J.M. Álvarez Álvarez
Issue: 98V-2 (119-126)
Topic: Plant Production
Keywords: Borago officinalis L., harvesting, seed, GLA

Although Spanish borage is grown as vegetable, in other countries, the production of seeds is the main goal of the crop because those seeds are a rich source of Gamma‑linolenic acid (GLA), a precursor of prostaglandins. This species has an indeterminate growth and its seeds dehisce at maturity. These facts limit the harvesting process and seed yield decreases. A review of different methodologies assessed until now in order to obtain a better yield are presented. Also some alternatives to obtain GLA by means of biotechnology are described.

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