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Effect of sowing date on growth, yield and yield components of white lupin

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Authors: J. Ordovás, A.J. Sánchez-Margalet, M.T. Moreno
Issue: 98V-3 (187-199)
Topic: Plant Production
Keywords: Lupinus albus, rainfed areas, grain yield, harvest index

A three‑year study on the effects of four sowing dates on growth, yield and yield components of L. albus cv. Multolupa was carried out on rainfed plots in Seville province. Results showed that the delay in the sowing reduced straw and grain production. Harvest index was not affected by sowing date. Number of pods per plant decreased more than seed weight and number of seeds per pod. The decreases in yield and yield components observed with the delay of sowing dates were due to water stress during the spring. Therefore, to obtain acceptable yield it is necessary that the sowing time occurs earlier of the autumn rainfall.

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