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Hygienic aspects of the production and use of porcine wastes. Legislation in Aragón (Spain)

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Authors: A. Picot Castro, J.A. Amigot Lázaro
Issue: 97A-3 (180-203)
Topic: Animal Production
Keywords: Health, manure, pig, pathogen, microbial, bacteria

Regarding the hygienic aspects of the production and use of animal wastes, further research on the following aspects is essential: pathogenic agents present in residues of animal production in the context of transmissible multifactorial diseases and the epidemiology of pathogens under different ecological conditions; in animal wastes in the context of the food chain from soil to humans; hygienic effects of animal wastes on water as regards the standards required by medical authorities; effects of agents used to increase animal production, or used for medicinal purposes, which are present as residues in animal excreta and may be hazardous to public health; effects of animal excreta on microbiological processes in the soil; effects of dust and airborne microbial emissions from animal production, and finally, processes of self‑disinfection of manure and livestock slurry during storage as a means of reducing the amounts of chemical disinfectants used, of reducing environmental pollution

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