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Flowering precocity in pistachio progenies

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Authors: F.J. Vargas, M.A. Romero, I. Vargas
Issue: 97V-3 (301-309)
Topic: Plant Production
Keywords: Pistachio, Pistacia vera L., breeding, progenies, cultivars, flowering and bearing earliness, juvenile period

Observations have been recorded related to the juvenile period of a total of 1,197 pistachio seedlings, obtained from 15 controlled crosses between 6 females and 8 males.
Records of flowering and production intensity were taken when the trees were 7 and 8 years old. A significant correlation was found between the records of flowering intensity in the two years and, in the case of the females, between flowering and production intensity in each year. The Families 'Mateur' x 'C', 'Batoury' x 'C' and 'Larnaka' x 'B' stood out for their interest, while 'Mateur' x 'Túnez' and 'Larnaka' x 'M‑38' start to produce very slowly. In relation with the parents, 'C', 'Nazar', 'M‑502' (males) and 'Mateur' (female) are outstanding, while 'M‑36', 'M‑38' and 'Túnez' (males) are unpromising in relation to these characters. Flowering precocity, as date of first flowering was also recorded. Tree ages and the percentages over the total number of seedlings were the following: 4 years old (0.5%), 5 years old (5.1%), 6 years old (32.2%), 7 years old (30.6%), 8 years old (21.2%) and more than 8 years old (10.4%). Males showed a shorter juvenile period.

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