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Chemical thinning of apple fruits (Malus pumila Mill.) cvs 'Starkrimson' and 'Golden delicious' in high density planting

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Authors: R. Nieto‑Ángel, F. Gil‑Albert Velarde
Issue: 96V-1 (27-41)
Topic: Plant Production
Keywords: Thinning, carbaryl, NAA (naphthalenacetic acid), Ethephon, promalina (GA4+7 +benzyladenine), urea, fruit abscission

Thinning of fruits trees has the following goals: to permit the remaining fruits the reception of enough quantity of carbohydrates to enhance their size and quality, to increase trees vigour, to avoid shoots breaking; and to facilitate the harvesting of fruits. For fruits abscission, more efficient chemical and concentrations were the following: for 'Starkrimson', Ethephon to 0.18 and 0.30 g·L‑1, and carbaryl to 2.55 g·L‑1; for 'Golden Spur', NAA to 16 mg·L‑1, carbaryl to 1.27 and 2.55 g·L‑1, and Ethephon (0.18 g·L‑1) and promaline (AGs+BA) (14.25+14.25 mg·L‑1) alone at a lower concentrations. For 'Golden Spur', NAA had also a positive effect in fruits growth, whereas urea had a toxic effect in vegetative parts. Ethephon advanced the maduration time in eight days, enhanced red and yellow brilliant colors, and increased the content in total soluble solids (TSS) in 'Golden Spur'. For 'Starkrimson' earlier dates for hand thinning, when fruits were 27 mm diameter, produced higher yields of commercial fruits (54 t·ha‑1) than later thinning dates.

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