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Socio‑ergonomic analysis in agriculture. Evaluation of the oleic sector from a gender and aging perspective

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Authors: V. Zorrilla‑Muñoz, M.S. Agulló‑Tomás y T. García‑Sedano
Issue: 115-1 (83-104)
Topic: Agricultural Economics
Keywords: Gender, aging, agriculture, occupational risk factors, ergonomics, evaluation

This work is a study of the ergonomic‑biomechanical risk factors and, as a main focus, adopts a prism of gender and age. Therefore, a multi‑method model based on quantitative (questionnaire) and qualitative (empirical through field observation) analysis has been used. The results indicate the prevalence of risk factors related to the existence of an increasingly aging and feminized population, and with a higher index of exposure to ergonomic‑biomechanical factors due to the development of activities derived from the use of manual tools. From the cause‑effect analysis, we have obtained a review of work-related musculoeskeletal disorders (hereafter WRMSD) more frequent and that may possibly occur (tendinitis, low back pain, muscle pain, among others) due to the development of agricultural activities, specifically in the oleic sector. As a direct applicability of the study, the redesign of manual tools is proposed (in the case of the sub‑sector analyzed: The olive harvester and the use of tractor), the use of new technological tools (such as collaborative robots), as well as carrying out activities oriented towards healthy aging as preventive organizational measures of WRMSD.


Zorrilla‑Muñoz V, Agulló‑Tomás MS, García‑Sedano T (2019). Análisis socio‑ergonómico en la agricultura. Evaluación del sector oleico desde una perspectiva de género y envejecimiento. ITEA‑Información Técnica Económica Agraria 115(1): 83‑104.

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