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The ideotype concept in almond breeding

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Authors: R. Socias i Company, A.J. Felipe, J. Gómez Aparis, J.E. García, F. Dicenta
Issue: 93V-3 (164-176)
Topic: Plant Production
Keywords: almond, breeding, cultivars, Prunus amygdalus Batsch.

Fruit breeding pursues the creation of new cultivars differing from the present ones by improved characteristics solving the actual growing shortcomings. Thus, the objectives of any breeding program have to be defined taking into account the problems to be solved. In almond, the traits of an ideal variety have to cover the requirements of fruit quality as well as those of the growing characteristics of the tree. These late traits include those related to climate (adaptation to the growing region), to phytopathology (resistance to pests and diseases), to vegetation (growth and branching facilitating the orchard management), to reproduction (ensuring a high and constant yield) and to physiology (ensuring this reproductive ability).

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