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Sensory attributes of Bísaro pork loin, fed with and without chestnut, vs. commercial

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Authors: S. Rodrigues, I. Oliveira, L. Vasconcelos, E. Pereira y A. Teixeira
Issue: 117-1 (44-51)
Topic: Animal Production
Keywords: breed, feeding, pork loin, sensory characteristics

This work aimed to evaluate the sensory characteristics of Bísaro pork loin fed with and without chestnut and commercial pork. Samples of each type of meat were duly identified and cooked in a conventional oven until it reached 80 °C in the thermal centre. Then, pieces of 2 cm side were cut, wrapped in aluminium foil and adequately codified. Each panellist analysed in two sessions a total of 6 samples of each type of meat. Results indicated that the panellists were able to distinguish the different types of meat, and the colour was the most discriminating attribute. The panellists identified the Bísaro pork loin fed with chestnut with the highest odour intensity and the Bísaro pork fed without chestnut with a less bright fat colour. The commercial pork loin had the lowest value of all the sensory attributes under study.


Rodrigues S, Oliveira I, Vasconcelos L, Pereira E, Teixeira A (2021). Atributos sensoriales de lomo de cerdo Bísaro, alimentado con y sin castaña, vs. comercial. ITEA‑Información Técnica Económica Agraria 117(1): 44‑51.

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