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Study of the inclusion of sweet potato in the diet of fattening pigs. Effect on the physicochemical quality of the meat

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Authors: I. González‑Torres, P. González, N. Cobas, J.C. Barrio, L. Vázquez, R. Bermúdez, M. Pateiro y J.M. Lorenzo
Issue: 117-1 (52-63)
Topic: Animal Production
Keywords: Ipomoea batatas L., supplement, chemical composition, texture parameters

The high fluctuation of the prices of raw materials used in animal feed has led to a greater interest in the formulation of alternative diets to the cereal. In fact, the use of tubers such as sweet potato (Ipomoea batatas L.) is presented an excellent source of carbohydrates. This study evaluates the effect that the inclusion of sweet potato in the finishing diet of pigs has on the quality of the meat. In the samples, physicochemical parameters such as pH, color, composition, water retention capacity and texture, and nutritional quality through the fatty acid profile were evaluated. No significant differences were observed in the parameters studied except for the protein content (P < 0.01), which was higher in meat from animals fed with sweet potato. The results confirm the use of this tuber as an economic alternative to cereals in the fattening stage.


González‑Torres I, González P, Cobas N, Barrio JC, Vázquez L, Bermúdez R, Pateiro M, Lorenzo JM (2021). Inclusión de boniato en la dieta de finalización de cerdos de cebo. Efecto en la calidad de la carne. ITEA‑Información Técnica Económica Agraria 117(1): 52‑63.

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