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Impact of climate change of weed management systems

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Authors: C. Fernández‑Quintanilla y J. Barroso
Issue: 116-5 (396-404)
Topic: Plant Production
Keywords: global warming, mitigation, adaptation, CO2 increase, weed control

Within the climate change scenario, weed managements systems should involve in the mitigation and adaptation to those changes. In this context, a high priority should be given to the understanding and predicting on new weed invasions as well as to the development of new practices designed to minimize these changes and adapt agricultural systems to them. This paper presents the state of the art on this area in relation with three main questions: 1) Which measures can be taken to mitigate climate change? 2) Which are going to be the new weed problems 3) What changes should be introduced in our current crop production and weed management systems to adapt to these new conditions?


Fernández‑Quintanilla C, Barroso J (2020). Impacto del cambio climático sobre los sistemas de gestión de malas hierbas. ITEA‑Información Técnica Económica Agraria 116(5): 396-404.

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