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Sustainability assessment of three vine cropping systems in the Region of Murcia

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Authors: Begoña García‑Castellanos, Benjamín García‑García y José García‑García
Issue: 118-1 (137-157)
Topic: Agricultural Economics
Keywords: costs, viability, socioeconomics, life cycle assessment

In this paper, the sustainability of three characteristic vineyard cropping systems in the Region of Murcia was evaluated. More specifically, we analysed vines in dry farming, irrigated trellis for quality wines produced in a specific region and irrigated trellis for table wines. Descriptive economic, social and environmental analyses of these systems were carried out using financial and life cycle analysis methodologies. Currently, where the major payment system for wine grapes is based on the kilogrades, the irrigation system for table wines is the most relevant one in terms of profitability and job creation. However, considering competitiveness, mainly based on quality and environmental aspects, dry farming and irrigated trellis for quality wines are the systems that should be enhanced. Nevertheless, the quality of the grape must play an important role in determining the payment system to achieve the optimal values of profitability. It would make also possible to overcome the current economic vulnerability of these systems.


García‑Castellanos B, García‑García B, García‑García J (2022). Evaluación de la sostenibilidad de tres sistemas de cultivo de viña característicos de la Región de Murcia. ITEA‑Información Técnica Económica Agraria 118(1): 137-157.

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