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Morphostructural, zoometric and phaneroptic variability of local bucks from northern Mexico

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Authors: Franko Moyao‑Ariza, Jorge Alonso Maldonado‑Jáquez, Lorenzo Danilo Granados‑Rivera, Rubén Darío Martínez‑Rojero, Glafiro Torres‑Hernández, Pablo Alfredo Domínguez‑Martínez Yuridia Bautista‑Martínez y Ricardo Alonso Sánchez‑Gutiérrez
Issue: 118-3 (361-376)
Topic: Animal Production
Keywords: conservation, adaptation, goats, arid zones, genetic improvement

The aim was to characterize the morphostructural, zoometric and phaneroptic variability of local bucks from northern Mexico. Forty‑six males that are managed to mate with approximately 1670 does were used and assigned to three groups [(1) Young (n = 9); (2) Young adults (n = 20) and (3) Mature adults (n = 17)]. Fifteen qualitative variables with fifty variants and twenty quantitative variables were recorded. A heterogeneous phenotype was found, with animals predominantly with a convex head profile, without mamelas, with beards, back curved horns, hanging tail and short and smooth hair. They have black pigmented scrotum, skin, hooves and mucous membranes. The pattern of undefined layer with variants between black, brown, white, moor, rosillo and reddish or chamoisse. No differences were found in age, live weight and body condition between municipalities (P > 0.05). Differences (P < 0.05) were observed between municipalities for length of horns, muzzle diameter, bicostal diameter, sternum height. By age group, differences were found (P < 0.05) in face width, ear length, neck width, muzzle diameter, biscostal diameter, body length, withers height, sternum height, scapula height, chest depth, sacro‑lumbar height, hip length, leg length, and cannon bone perimeter. It is concluded that the local bucks of the Comarca Lagunera, in northern Mexico, are part of a morphological, zoometric and phaneroptically heterogeneous population with high intrapopulation variability.


Moyao‑Ariza F, Maldonado‑Jáquez JA, Granados‑Rivera LD, Martínez‑Rojero RD, Torres‑Hernández G, Domínguez‑Martínez PA, Bautista‑Martínez Y, Sánchez‑Gutiérrez RA (2022). Variabilidad morfoestructural, zoométrica y faneróptica de machos cabríos locales del norte de México. ITEA‑Información Técnica Económica Agraria 118(3): 361-376.

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