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Applications of transgenic pigs in biomedicine and animal production

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Authors: J. Gadea y F.A. García-Vázquez
Issue: 106-1 (30-45)
Topic: Animal Production
Keywords: health, disease model, bio-pharmacology, food products, xenotransplantation, pollution.

Transgenic animals have been a great improvement for science and health. The lastest technological developments have lead to the generation of a broad variety of transgenic pigs with diverse aims and applications. In this manuscript, we describe and analyze the usage and applications of the transgenic pigs in biomedicine and agriculture. The applications of transgenic pigs in biomedicine included models for human diseases, production of bio-pharmacological substances and xenotransplantation. The agriculture applications of transgenic pigs are disease resistance, increases in the production and quality of animal products and pollution reduction. The use of transgenic pigs is higher in biomedicine than in agriculture. This is due to the severe restriction of consumption of food products derived from genetic modified organisms (GMO’s).

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