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Study of relationships between feet and legs and productive traits in dairy cattle

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Authors: M.A. Pérez-Cabal, C. García, O. González-Recio, R. Alenda
Issue: 101-2 (101-116)
Topic: Animal Production
Keywords: Profit, locomotion

Morphological classification system, phenotypic and genetic relationships between feet and legs, profit and productive traits were studied. Data of 62,293 cows obtained from milking recording system, type classification, and reproductive recording system of dairy cattle from Navarre and Basque autonomous regions of Spain was used. Significant differences for least square means of profit, production, and longevity were found among feet and legs classes. Best scored cows were 178 € per year more profitable, produced 573 kg. more of milk in first lactation, remained 307 days more in herd, and had 0.8 lactations more than the worst scored animals. However, feet and legs did not have effect on fertility. Genetic results did not explain the concern of breeders in this trait. Heritability of feet and legs was low (0.14) and also were genetic correlation to profit, milk production, longevity and fertility. Highest values were found for calving interval (0.12) and profit (0.10). Although coefficients of determination did not substantially improve the correspondent models, significant quadratic relationships were obtained between breeding values of feet and legs and profit, milk production, and functional longevity. However, no genetic differences for profit were found among best scored cows and the rest of animals that explain the best economic performance.

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