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Evolution of fighting bull production in Spain. Livestock census

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Authors: J.M. Lomillos, M.E. Alonso, C. Sánchez-García y V. Gaudioso
Issue: 108-2 (207-221)
Topic: Animal Production
Keywords: Extensive cattle, fighting bull, livestock, bovine.

In this study we describe the evolution of the fighting bull production sector in Spain, delving into the origins, evolution and distribution of herds, analyzing the present characteristics of the sector and its impact on the Spanish economy, providing data on the number of farms and celebrations held in the last 10 years and comparing the fighting bull breed census with other breeds. We address the internal organization of a standard farm and their economic, productive and organizational system. There is an increase in the number of herds and animals, result of an increase in the number of bullfight events during the last decade. However in the last three years the economic crisis has made these data fall by 38%, with the drop in cattle prices to added problems as the rising cost of food. Therefore, this is a turning point in Lidia cattle business management that must adapt to the new situation, increasing selection pressure and offering higher quality products.

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