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Indicators of irrigation performance: A management tool for Irrigation Districts analysis

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Authors: J.A. Rodríguez, E. Camacho, R. López, L. Pérez, J. Roldán
Issue: 101-1 (70-82)
Topic: Plant Production
Keywords: benchmarking, performance indicators, irrigation districts management

Performance indicators and benchmarking techniques are a powerful tool, useful to achieve improvements in irrigation districts. Using performance indicators, organisations will be able to detect best practices and adapt them to the irrigation districts with the worst performance. In this work, performance indicators developed by IPTRID are applied to nine of the most representatives irrigation districts in Andalusia. IPTRID´s indicators consider the main aspects of the irrigation districts management as service delivery performance, financial performance, productive efficiency and environmental performance. Afterwards, performance indicators obtained are classified using cluster analysis techniques. Also, best practices of irrigation districts and which districts should be considered as benchmark have been detected.

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