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Characterizing and clustering some commercial lamb types by their sensory profile

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Authors: B. Panea, G. Ripoll y M. Joy
Issue: 109-3 (303-318)
Topic: Animal Production
Keywords: Breed trunk, discriminant analysis, feed, slaughter weight, sex.

To cluster by their sensory profile different commercial lamb-types reared under several feeding systems, a series of 8 experiments had been carried out. Animals belonged to one of the three following trunks: Ovis aries ibericus, ligeriensis or studeri they could be males or females, weaned or unweaned, outdoor or indoors, slaughtered at 22-24 Kg. or 10-12 Kg., according to the experiment to which belonged. Sampling and cooking were always the same and all the samples were tested by the same trained panel of nine-members. GLM, discriminant analysis and multiple correspondence analyses were carried out. It could be concluded that in very young lambs, genetic is more important that other factors, such as feed or weaning, in the definition of sensory properties. Discriminate analysis is able to separate animals by trunk but not by the feed.

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