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Effect of some maternal and environmental factors and of the factors related with the litter on the birth weight and growth of veratos kids raised under semiextensive regime

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Authors: H. Emad Al-Masri, A. Daza, E. Mateos
Issue: 102-4 (345-353)
Topic: Animal Production
Keywords: kids, Verata breed, birth weight, growth, variation factors.

The weights of 413 kids of Verata breed at birth, 45 and 70 days of age were controlled, The kids were born from October to Frebuary along four consecutive years in a free-range farm located in Extremadura (Spain). The birth weight and the average daily gain were higher (P<0.05) in the male than in female kids and in the kids from single kidding than those from double kidding. The goat age and kidding season had no significant effects on birth weight and average daily gain. The year had a significant influence (P<0.05) on average daily gain but no significant effect on birth weight. The increase of goat milk production improved the average daily gain of the kids during the period from birth to 45 days of age. The kids average daily gain decreased, during the 45 – 70 days period compared to birth – 45 days period (142 vs 120 g) due to the reduction of the goat milk production during 45 – 70 days phase. The kids birth weight had a significant (P<0.01) effect on the kids growth. As the birth weight increased the average daily gain also increased. The interaction between the average daily growth and birth weight for the variables kid sex and kidding type were studied in this experiment.

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