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‘Belona’ and ‘Soleta’, two new almond cultivars

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Authors: R. Socias i Company y A.J. Felipe
Issue: 102-4 (398-408)
Topic: Plant Production
Keywords: Almond, P. amygdalus Batsch, Cultivar, Breeding, Autogamy, Fruit quality

Two new almond cultivars obtained at the almond breeding program of the CITA of Aragón are described. Both are characterized by their autogamy, thus allowing their planting in solid blocks, as well as by their productivity, their late blooming time, their relative tolerance to spring frosts and their fruits with no double kernels and of excellent quality, which may substitute the two reference cultivars of the Spanish almond market, ‘Marcona’ and ‘Desmayo Largueta’. Their ripening season is consecutive, thus facilitating all harvesting operations

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