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Present state and demands of pig breeding programs

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Authors: J. Tibau i Font
Issue: 98A-2 (154-162)
Topic: Animal Production
Keywords: Breeding goals, genetic evaluation, breeding programs

Genetic potential of breeding stock is a key element for technical and econornical efficiency in pig production. Breeding programs based on traditional breeder associations moves to different structures. International breeding companies increase market shares in pig breeding operations. Genetic improvement is an expensive, risked and long term business. Whereas feed efficiency and leanness seams to be reached in modern pig lines, prolificacy and meat quality are the main goals in the present situation. Adaptation to large production units, satisfaction to specific markets and sanitary requirements will be the next challenges in pig production. Pig genornics could be a useful tool to select the appropriate breeding stock but cost‑efficiency, and collateral effects must be evaluated in every production‑ meat market situation.

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