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The almond germplasm bank of Zaragoza

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Authors: M.T. Espiau, J.M. Ansón, R. Socias i Company
Issue: 97V-3 (246-250)
Topic: Plant Production
Keywords: Almond, germplasm, Prunus amygdalus Batsch.

The almond germplasm bank of Zaragoza is the Spanish national collection, as well as the world reference for GREMPA. More than 250 accessions, mostly of Spanish origin, but also cultivars of the most important almond growing areas of the world are maintained in the field. There is also a collection of wild species related to the cultivated almond. Each clon is characterized according to the IPGRI and UPOV descriptors. Data are stored in computer files for easy handling, to fulfill the basic objectives of this bank, namely the maintainance of the genetic diversity of this species, mainly of the Spanish local forms, as well as the study and documentation of the accessions maintained.

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