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Effect of maize dwarf mosaic virus (MDMV) infection on the establishment of maize plants and their vigour

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Authors: M.A. Achón, E. Sin
Issue: 94V-3 (109-117)
Topic: Plant Production
Keywords: potyvirus, MDMV, establishment of plants, vigour

This study reports the effect of maize dwarf mosaic virus (MDMV) on the establishment of pants from seeds of maize dwarf mosaic virus artificially infected plants of two maize inbreds, one susceptible Mo17 and one tolerance B73 and their hybrids. Virus infection reduced the number of seeds that produced established plants: reductions were 30‑33% on Mo17, 20.9% on Mo17x B73, 7.5‑7.7% on B73 y 4.4‑8.3% on B73x Mo17. In addition, the estabished plants from seeds of infected plants of both maize inbreds and hybrids were ligther than those from controls. Weight of plants decreased by 5.7‑10.8%, length shoot by 0.9‑3.2%, length of adventitious roots by 0.7‑8.2%, number of adventitious roots by 2.7‑10% and number of brace roots by 2.2‑13.8%. The growth of Mo17 and Mo17x B73 estabished plants was the most suppressed.

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