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Effect of sex and liquid feeding with potato on the pork lipid profile

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Authors: I. González‑Torres, P. González, N. Cobas, J.C. Barrio, L. Vázquez, L. Purriños, D. Franco, R. Domínguez y J.M. Lorenzo
Issue: 117-1 (32-43)
Topic: Animal Production
Keywords: potato, liquid feed, fatty acids, nutritional quality, cholesterol

The feeding of pigs with products with varying levels of moisture (vegetables, potatoes, and fruits) has been tested for years, however, in Spain liquid feeding has had a more limited impact. The present work compares the effect of a liquid diet with cooked potato versus a liquid diet only with feed in the finishing stage, on lipid profile from meat of gilts and barrows.
Sex did not affect the composition of fatty acids, nutritional indices or cholesterol content, while the inclusion of potatoes in the liquid diet significantly affected fatty acids, mainly the content of essential fatty acids. With respect to nutritional indices, only the n‑6/n‑3 ratio showed differences due to diet. It can concluded that the liquid diet with the inclusion of potatoes may be an appropriate source for the feeding of pigs, as it does not affect the quality of their fat, while achieving a decrease in production costs.


González‑Torres I, González P, Cobas N, Barrio JC, Vázquez L, Purriños L, Franco D, Domínguez R, Lorenzo JM (2021). Efecto del sexo y de la alimentación líquida con patata sobre el perfil lipídico en carne de cerdo. ITEA‑Información Técnica Económica Agraria 117(1): 32‑43.

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