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Farmers? and agricultural technical advisors? knowledge and perceptions about regulated deficit irrigation techniques in SE Spain

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Authors: David Martínez‑Granados y Javier Calatrava
Issue: 117-4 (415-435)
Topic: Agricultural Economics
Keywords: irrigation strategies, technology adoption, water saving, woody crops

This paper assesses the level of knowledge about the use of regulated deficit irrigation strategies in woody crops of both farmers and agricultural technical advisors in south‑east Spain, as well as their perceptions about these strategies? advantages and disadvantages and the potential for its diffusion in the area?s agriculture. To this end, a survey was carried out among farmers and technical advisors of the Spanish Murcia Region, attending different training courses about efficient management of irrigation, both before and after their participation in such activities. The results obtained show that the surveyed farmers and technical advisors have little knowledge and experience about the use of these irrigation techniques, and how a greater and improved knowledge can increase their diffusion in the irrigated agriculture of the study area. It is also shown that there is a notable potential for the diffusion of sustainable irrigation strategies, based on regulated deficit irrigation techniques that can substitute conventional irrigation practices used in the area. However, this requires important efforts to provide information and training, as well as the existence of effective technical support and advisory services.


Martínez‑Granados D, Calatrava J (2021). Conocimiento y percepción sobre técnicas de riego deficitario controlado por parte de agricultores y técnicos agrarios del sudeste español. ITEA‑Información Técnica Económica Agraria 117(4): 415‑435.

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