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Objectives, organization and limiting factors of selection programs for indigenous breeds in Spain

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Authors: Trabajo colectivo coordinado por J.M. Serradilla
Issue: 104-2 (186-242)
Topic: Animal Production
Keywords: selection programs, indigenous breeds, constrains to genetic progress.

This invited contribution summarizes the most important characteristics of selection programs being applied to Spanish indigenous breeds. Population and traits being recorded, selection objectives and criteria, breeding values estimation, managing aspects, diffusion to and use of genetic information by breeders and constraints to genetic progress are synthetically described for each breed. The oldest programs started at the beginning of the eighties of the last century. Most of them began at the end of the eighties or in the nineties and a few were initiated within present decade. Due to these age differences, and to other structural and managing factors, their developmental and effectiveness levels are very variable. Small number of animals being registered and, therefore, selected, low number of dams inseminated an its consequence on the capacity to sire testing and on the reliability of estimated breeding values, the scanty use that some of the breeders make of the genetic evaluations and the low participation of farmers in the programs, are among the most important factors limiting their development and their effectiveness in terms of genetic progress obtained.

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